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Revo Reloading Question


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I have a stoopid question for the IDPA Revo shooters. I have heard from this forum that moonclips are faster than speedloaders. Now standing in one spot and doing two reloads without movement there is a chance of maybe a 1 second difference in reloads. (That is if both styles, moonclips and speedloaders, are practiced) But when movement is in play doesnot that sort of level a little the difference? I am asking this only because there might be something I'm missing. I have seen a friend of mine do a reload with speed loaders firing through a port reload and then fire again. This was done in 1.49 seconds. He did it twice during a match and got his hits. This was done at one of Rio Salado Tuesday night Steel matches. I do not know if cut down speedloaders are allowed in IDPA nor what speed loaders are used. My friend used the weak hand method or as Spook calls it the "German way" I am still working on getting my clip reloads as fast as my speedloader reloads used to be. Just a question for thought. I'll go back to lurking again. Hello Firewalker. rdd

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The right speedloader is as fast as a moonclip.  The only thing is the disaster factor for speedloaders is a bit higher.  By that I mean the moonclip is more forgiving.


The right shooter is as fast with either. It's not the gun it's the shooter....how long have we been on BE? It's a credo for crying out loud. :lol:

The disaster factor comment is 100% right on. See Ted, you and I aren't that far apart.... :P

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