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Steel match ideas.....

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All right, here we go. One of my home clubs has a large secluded area with 5 large bays. A buddy and I organized Steel Challenge matches there last year with success. Everybody was happy and had a good time. Everyone would like to shoot more steel, myself included. I have been to the Steel Challenge, the PSA Shootout, and the AM Handgunner as well. Since I cant shoot bowling pins, I shoot steel! B)

Since there will be no Handgunner this year and I might not be able to travel to the PSA or the Steel Challenge, I have decided to organize these matches this year.

I will advertise these matches, and hope to have a good turn out from Midwest shooters, but I am planning on utilizing the following rules for maximizing fun and "perceived fairness" with some of our local shooters and Bullseye shooters. Since this is a USPSA club range, obviously all USPSA safety rules will be enforced for the most part.

Our Falling steel match will be similar to the PSA, all autos will be 10rd loaded magazines only. Revos will shoot together in their own class. This allows most everyone a level playing field, and the most proficient shooter will do well, with no equipment advantage. I dont want someone grumbling later that if they had an STI they could have been competitive when they have a 1911 and 10rd mags. I want them to have fun and come back!

Steel Challenge is a no brainer, Set up the targets and go to town.

The Handgunner is the one that I am debating, as well as the falling steel match. I along with others will shoot and RO, and we want to shoot multiple guns, which necessitates a two day match. The entry fees will be low, and I am just wondering if people would be willing to come to the midwest for these types of matches. No one organizing the match will make any money off of the match. All expenses will be paid for first, and then the rest will be given back at least 60% to the shooters in order of finish. I will not do LEWIS CLASS. I understand why other matches do and have no problem with them, but we want no classes or subdivisions for these matches. You finish according to how you do that particular day. If we are able to get any prizes donated they will be available to the winners, they can pick cash or the prizes. I am not really motivated on the prizes right now.

I have got dates that are not in conflict with any of the major matches that are on the USPSA website and those on the BE site.

Tell me what you as a shooter want, if you would be willing to travel a little bit and stay overnight for a two day Steel Match with a cash payback in Southeast Iowa. We would be able to have food and hell, maybe even porta potties for our guests, although the outhouses work ok for the rest of us...... ;)

Thanks for your input, DougC

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