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STI Edge .40


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I have a new STI Edge in .40 and put approx. 1000-1500 rounds through it so far. When I cleaned the gun yesterday I noticed that there are ware marks (indents) on the top and inside of the frame rails right where the bottom of the barrel (in unlocked position) contacts the frame. It seems that the rails stop the downward motion of the barrel when it unlocks. I am not familiar with the 2011 platform yet (so please be easy on me if I ask something stupid) but shouldn't the lower lugs stop the motion of the barrel??? Sould I do anything about it? Or is it normal and I should leave it alone?


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Those marks are normal. You don't want the frame bed to be the only place that stops the barrel the underlug on the barrel should take most of the abuse. Put some marker on the bottom flat of the under barrel lug, re-install it in the gun (leave the guiderod/spring out) hold it about a half inch from being closed and then tap the front of the barrel with a plastic mallet (be careful of the crown) a few times. Then disassemble - you should see signs of contact between the barrel lug and the flat spot in the frame that it impacts on. If there is no contact you have a problem and need to contact STI to have it fixed before it causes problems.

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Thanks a lot for your help! I followed the process you described and there is no contact at all between the frame and the under barrel lug. I have a problem... :(

I quit shooting the gun and send it back to STI.

Colud you please explain what should be done to the gun and what kind of problems it might cause?

Again, thanks a lot!

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Sorry to hear it worked out that way. Usually it is only off a little and they should be able to take material off the frame to lower the barrel at it's final resting place when it unlocks, this will allow the barrel to also move towards the back a little further and start to contact at the rear of the bottom lug. This modification will not cause any future problems. If it is off a bunch (which I doubt) they will probably replace the frame. Either way you should be in good shape once it is back.

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