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Jim Boland passed away.


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Found this on another forum..

Jim Boland passed away Dec 26, 2004..

I met him once at a match in California...I loved his pistolsmithing work..guns with a very high cool factor...

From his stepdaughter on the 1911forum:

Information on Jim Boland


I did a search today on my stepfather Jim Boland and came across an old thread here about him, more importantly people looking for him. I wanted to inform people that he died the day after Christmas this year, 2004 from a heart attack. He was living in Lancaster California at the time and was working mainly in the movie industry building guns and explosives for movie sets. As some of you may know, he was a master in the field and will be greatly missed by all that knew him. There will be a service held in Lancaster on the 22nd. for him if anyone is interested.



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he was way ahead of the design curve. this guy made the first hi-cap 1911 i ever saw...by scratch! if you had the bucks, and the patience, he would build you a one-of-a-kind dream. i shot a steel gun he made for dr tom jow years ago...incredible piece of machinery.

we'll miss ya jim.

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I too remember Jim's work throughout AH articles and photos.

His incredible work has been duplicated in air pistols (airsof guns) too, as you might see below.


I'm sure those of us who enjoy realism in (shooting) movies will miss his work there too. :(

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Brian, which issue...?

It was May/June 1990

a single stack steel gun built on a lightweight commander..

also I remember an article where he cut and welded a 1911 to accept HK P7M13 mags and reversed the rails on the gun similar to a CZ..

a lot of talent..

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