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front sights


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I just ordered a new sight for my gun. It came in three width. .09 - .10 - .125

I called and asked Dawson Precision what the best sight for IPSC was and they told me the .09 use to be the best seller until he came up with the .10 . Now the .10 is the best seller if that tells you anything.

I ordered the .90 on my gun and I like it much better than the stock sight. The stock sight was .125.

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That is good to hear. Be cause i am doing some serious kitchen table gunsmithing here. And the front sight is now 2,5 mm, which should be around 0,1''. I just thought it looked a little on the narrow side....


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Am I mistaken in understanding that what matters is what sight picture a person is comfortable with, and that what makes up that picture is the relative size of the FS in the RS notch, which in turn depends not only on FS width, but the RS notch width as well as how far the gun is from your sighting eye?

FWIW, I use a .070 FO FS in a standard Bomar rear.

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I think you are correct in stating that it is the relationship between the front sight and the rear sight notch that is important. Just stating the front sight width does not tell the entire story.

My understanding of it is that a front sight that takes up the entire notch of the rear sight (from the shooters perspective) is best for accuracy. I wanted the front sight to be a little narrower so as to make acquiring a sight picture faster. I find the .09 front sight along with the fiber optic front and rear inserts helps me pick up the sight picture quickly.

Am I wrong with my understanding of this?


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