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Accumulating Penalties


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Okay ... let's say I wear my knee pads during a match.

Do I get a FTDR for each stage I wear them, or just one for the whole match?

Same goes for my newly disallowed Blade-Tech mag carriers and holster with Tek-Lok ... one for each stage? One for each stage per piece of disallowed gear?

I think we should tally our FTDRs in our first matches under the new rules and post the numbers here. :)

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It's easy to have fun when you know you're not going to win. Unfortunately, I accidentally won ESP and was in the top 3-4 overall in the match a few times last summer. :rolleyes:

If I go back to how I shot when I first started, creeping around cover like I would do "in real life," I think I could return to the back of the pack even without penalties. I'll try to go prone as often as possible too, even when it's not necessary ... nothing adds time like me going prone then trying to get back up.

It will be interesting to see how many we can get per person and for the whole match overall!

I just realized that if everyone continues to shoot their no-longer-approved gear, then we'll all get the same penalties, and the results will shake out the same as they usually do. :lol:

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If that's the case, I might actually be proud of being the first guy to get his membership revoked for wearing knee pads that someone can see. It would really demonstrate the true mentality of the people doing the revoking.

If it happens, I will expect them to refund my dues.

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PC 2. Disqualification (DQ):

A. Results from unsportsmanlike conduct, unfair actions, or the use of illegal equipment, which, in the opinion of the MD, tends to make a travesty of the defensive shooting sport will result in an FTDR or DQ from the entire match at the discretion of the match director. Repeated offenses reported to the AC or HQ can result in having membership revoked.

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