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Why do you shoot IDPA poll


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As of 10:12 pm 9 Jan. 2005

Why Do You Shoot IDPA?

As training for a possible real-life gunfight [ 0 ] [0.00%]

To have fun and (ideally) win a game [ 42 ] [66.67%]

Both [ 21 ] [33.33%]

Total Votes: 63

It does my heart good to see 0.00% for the first question. ;)

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"It does my heart good to see 0.00% for the first question."

Why? since at the time of this writing, about one third of the people that participated in the poll said "both". In other words about a third who responded agreed that they do use it "As training for a possible real-life gunfight." I know that the politically correct among us say no it's just a game. Becoming familiar with your weapon, sight picture, gun handling skills and muscle memory (if that exists) can be useful in the event that lifesaving skills are really needed.

How did you like the politically correct "life saving skills" phrase? In case you have to kill someone that is try to kill you. It is a "weapon" that we train with. If you didn't want to shoot defensive style handgun we could all go bowling or play cards or something else.

On a soap box today, I'll get off now.

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Duane, the few the proud. Well maybe. I will admitt that it is an absolute blast to shoot and I do it mostly for fun. If it was strictly combat training IPSC or IDPA isn't the place to prepare for the real thing, but it does have qualities within it that can contribute toward skills that are used in real confrontations. Just the gun handling and trigger time can't hurt. Jeff Cooper's Gunsight or Aayoob's Stressfire would be better for specific applications.

We should have a small primmer on the scientific method and how to construct questions that are not leading or narrowing the choices too much. Bluntly, I love firearms but also have a true competitive spirt. I love to compete. If the people that read this board we more geared toward combat don't you think that they would be reading a board more like Warrior Talk instead of reading a section on IDPA rules?

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