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Where did they all come from


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Went to a classifier match today and 81 shooters showed up. It was at Pine Tree Pistol club in Rockford IL. 32 degrees and snow on the ground. Oh ya, it's an indoor range that's heated behind the line alittle cool down range. The majority of shooters were new and cross over IDPAers. Lots of talk about the new rules and a rumor that all of the IDPA clubs in Wisconsin have stop shooting IDPA and gone to 3 Gun!

All where welcomed aboard to USPSA.


P.S. IDPA means " I don't play anymore" for some of them.

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We had some IDPA cross over yesterday at a match I shot too.

Same here (Cherokee GC in Gainesville, GA). We have a quarterly 3Gun match at South River next weekend, and I bet we'll see some more new faces.

Glad to have 'em, but it's a shame how it happened.

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