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Balance point and weight verse dot bounce while shooting on the move.

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I noticed that when dry firing real gun and an airsoft gun that the airsoft gun had less dot bounce while shooting on the move. Upon investigation if found that the airsoft gun has a balance point farther back near the back on the trigger guard while the real guns balance point was forward near the front of the trigger guard. Also the airsoft gun is lighter.

It make sense to me that the farther back balance point could improve gun control. I am not sure how the weight effects the dot bounce.

Has anyone noticed this type of thing or have any opinion?

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I have noticed the dot bounce is less as you move the dot backward towards the pivot point (wrist). Above the hand is less movement than forward over the barrel.

Also, I prefer more of the weight in hand as opposed to hanging out in front. Weight is a good recoil reducer and weight in your hand doesn't feel as heavy as the same weight in front of your hand sagging down.

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I agree completely. I added a Dawson heavy ice magwell and a steel "wedge" mainspring housing to my full size open gun for this reason. It made a world of difference. Steel grip is next

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