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In reading the rules I see no mention of major or minor.

Does this mean a 9mm scores the same as a 40 or 45? A 223 the same as a 308?

Also when I read the scoring it seems to imply that each target only gets one shot as long as its an A or minus zero. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance.

Michael Brown

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9mm minimum or larger caliber (all the same, except in He-man class 45acp).........NO Power factor.........but you better make sure it will knock over steel.......

For rifle in Tactical or open class.......does not matter on .308 or .223....no major or minor.....just neutralized! but in he-man class, it must be 30.06 or .308

yes 1 "A" hit or any 2 hits on the paper target......ALL steel must FALL....not turn, but fall.....

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Under IMGA rules there is no power factor. As long as it takes down steel it's OK.

The scoring system is "Time Plus", which means if neutralize all the targets your "score" is your time. Fail to neutralize a target adds a time penalty of 5 seconds to your time. For paper you have to have two hits anywhere on the target or one hit in an A-Zone.

Tom Chambers

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