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Suggestion to IDPA on the new rulebook


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If anyone is listening, I think IDPA can salvage this thing.

I suggest that IDPA HQ recall the new rulebook temporarily and consider the current version a draft.


- Setup a web forum that requires an IDPA membership to join.

- Post the draft version(s) of the new rules on the newly created forum for members to review.

- Create different forum areas for each division, competition rules, gear rules, SO training, MD's, etc. and allow members to contribute.

- Revise the draft with corrections, definitions, and clarifications determined to be OK.

- Post the final draft for download.

- Set a clear effective date for the new competition rules, any gear rule changes, and any gun rule changes.

- Create new/updated SO and SO instructor training materials and make them available in advance of the first effective date of any of the new rules.

- Mail a new rulebook to all current members before the first effective date of any of the new rules or if this is not financially feasible allow for members to elect to purchase a new rulebook in advance so that it would arrive in advance of the first effective date of any of the new rules.


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I like it too Vincent. I have signed up for an SO class on Jan 15th. The instructors seem to be questioning what we will be learning since the new LGB isn't available for us they thought about teaching the old rules. This makes no sense it the new rules are already a go. We all seem to be talking like the rules really aren't the new rules but rather a draft. With everything that I have read the only thing that seems to be an oversight, at least Joyce Wilson said it would be looked at were the weight limits in the revolver classes. OK, that address less than 10% of the shooters. I sure would like some better explainations of the holster rules. I just didn't like having the rules become in effect on the 6th and I shot a match today. Yes everyone at my local club was talking about the rule book, but at the same time everyone avoided any issues of disscussion of equipment too. No belt checks for light etc. Over 1/2 of the equipment there was illegal according to the new rules. We just seem to forget it and just shoot. It was more fun to get together and just pull the trigger than finding a 3/4" stick to jab in my fat little love handles. First IPSC match tomorrow. I know my equpiment will be legal. :) I am an IDPA member and not a member of IPSC until tomorrow. It's a qualifier by the way.

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