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Shoot my first IPSC match on Sunday.  It's going to be an interesting weekend.

Hurry! Only 2 days left to prepare for how much pure, unadulterated fun you're going to have.

Recommended exercises:

-- Smile (10 reps per set, 3 sets minimum) :D

-- Hand-shaking

-- When you tire of Smiles, try Grins (hard to tell the difference, and no FTDR involved) :)

-- Grab a puzzle book and do some of those "Picture Mazes". This will help prepare you for discovering your own best way through a course of fire. There will be no written instructions for the field courses, just lots of helpful advice.

-- 2 more sets of Smiles :D

The following is intended for advanced users:

-- Laughter :lol::lol:

***Disclaimer: The above is not intended to say I have never had fun at an IDPA match, but I've never been to a USPSA match where I didn't.

Have a good time Clay1,


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I am going to shoot a USPSA match tomorrow. I am shooting Production and I am going to use my recently illegal, unsportsmanlike, non-CCW, hanging way out there, big ass belt gap Uncle Mikes holster to boot. :D

10-4 on all the smiles..........especially when dropping mags on the ground that still might have a bullet in them. :o DOH!

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Getting out of IDPA and into USPSA. You think USPSA dont have rules? Think again. USPSA has plenty of them as a matter of fact I got out of USPSA for a while just because of all of the rules.

I now belong to both IDPA & USPSA. Best of both worlds. Covered up and behind everything one weekend and as much as you want out in the open the next. :D

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I'll keep on shooting both, building stages and RO'ing/SO'ing for both as I have for some time, but with one, now there's more effort and less desire, and a little less fun involved.

Yep - what he said!

Our club runs both IDPA and USPSA programs. I am MD of one program and former MD of the other. We're always out beating the bushes for new shooters, and the prospects invariably ask the question "which game is more fun". My answer won't be as "politically correct" in the future.

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Well, if it makes ya feel any better, I joined USPSA this week. Gonna shoot my first match with my new STI Edge .40 from Derek Janowicz on Feb 6th.

I am looking forward to it, gonna be a blast. I went and watched a match on Jan 2nd, to see how thing are done and get a feel for what I needed to get started.

I think I may be hooked. My dillon 650 is waiting for the powder to show up so I can start loading.

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Shot my first IDPA match on Saturday and shot my first IPSC match on Sunday. Had a blast at both of them. More trigger time in competition. The first match that I shot in IPSC was a qualifier and I joined already. Joined IDPA days before the new rules came out. Still not happy that I threw money down the drain on a holster and 2 mag holders. I'm shooting them both: IDPA & IPSC.

Lucky for me IDPA matches are on Saturday's in my area and IPSC matches are on Sundays. My wife has been debating about shooting with me. I figure if she ever wants to see me again on a weekend she better buy a gun or find a boyfriend with lots of money that can help support my shooting habbit.

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. . . or find a boyfriend with lots of money that can help support my shooting habbit.

Hey, that sounds like a win-win situation! :lol:

My EX got herself a boyfriend, cost me 1/2 a million to get rid of her!!!!!!

Boyfriends are bad!!!!!!

Get her a girlfriend, they are better, that way you can both enjoy her!

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