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Why does IDPA snub manufacturors?


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The new rulebook is really negative toward certain manufacturers to the point of naming Uncle Mikes as prohibited holsters. Do they not realize that this is not good for the sport.



Any merchandise donated for use as prizes will be distributed randomly. IDPA does NOT ENDORSE NOR APPROVE any type of incentive program based on shooter performance.

Does this apply to STI contingincy?

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I thought the road they were taking there is they wanted to make it abundantly clear that the manufacturers and not IDPA are involved in any contingency. That way they show IDPA is not conflicting with it's trophy only philosophy by approving any contingency program.

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I somewhat understand the contingency issue in that they award all prizes by random distribution and match awards are trophy only. I do not understand their attitude about holsters at all. Their stance toward Uncle Mike's could be interpreted by some as simple prejudice IMO. I'll get my tape measure, depth guage, calipers, lawyer, three friends, and take an hour and a half and see if we all can figure out if my stuff is still legal :wacko:

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