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2 minutes ago, touji said:

The Lok grips look sweet on the S2. Any work done on it by CGW or CZC??

Thanks :D

Nothing done by either shop, however I did install the floating trigger pin, reduced power trigger return spring, 11.5 lb reduced power hammer spring, 11 lb reduced power recoil spring, and an extended firing pin.  All from CGW

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2 minutes ago, kneelingatlas said:


Ditching those wood grips is a good start.


That's already in the plan. Gonna be a lot of ditching but I think it will work out pretty good.


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Here are my 2 CZ's (no pinwheel of guns for me yet)

The SP01 has CGW trigger, shrot reset, extended firing pin, and race ring hammer and hammer and recoil springs. It also has CZC SS guide rod, grips and magwell.

The P09 is stock, but we also have the Kadet kit that my son shoots it with.



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