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IPSC legal modifications


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In another thread, the question of replacing recoil spring and rod was answered as to not being legal. My question is that can you modify the factory recoil spring? (i.e. trimming it so it becomes lighter).

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Why worry to begin with???

'cause it's hard to call/take the shot with a piece of brass hovering between the front and rear sight. :):)

(I shoot a stock rod and spring in my Glock 35. When I shoot my minor loads, it doesn't spit the brass very far. I can "catch up to it" when I transition to the right.)

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Well, you got me there. :)

The point I was trying to make was that, with mousefart minor loads, "a gun" might run better with a lighter recoil spring.

Again...not allowed in IPSC, but that is a reason (better cycling) to want to do it.

(Thankfully, it is allowed in USPSA.)

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