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Mouse Load Help for 9mm


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This is my 1st post so go easy on me guys!!!!

I recently built up a 9mm pistol to shoot very light loads. The problem is I'm a reformed BIG bore shooter that realy doesnt know many light loads.

I gave my 9mm a try with some 147gr LFP but it was a hair more than what I wanted. The recoil isnt so much the issue as the muzzle flip. Again, I'm looking for something to relax with after I put down the cannons.

I purchased some 88gr LRN and some 122GR LFP bullets all sized @.356.

Just wondering if I can get some input from you guys as to see who else has a mouse gun out there and mat have some load data for me. Powders on hand are

Green Dot, Bullseye, 700X, WW231, Red Dot, Tight Group, and Clays. And 1 pound of VV but I forget the # I use it for my .38 loads.

Thanks all in advance and I'm glad i found you guys... the sight looks awesome!

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Welcome aboard. There has been a lot of posts about these types of loads, so I would do a search in the reloading forum under this topic in this sub topic. After that I would use your Titegroup with the 122s and the 231 with the 88s. The CLAYS is too fast for both bullets, and dont bother trying them with the 147s.....Depending on how fast you want the 88s to go you will need a slower powder, around #7 or so for fast velocities. Good luck, DougC

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welcome to the forums meangun!

What is the load for ?

Thanks for the welcome guys!!

The load is simply for punching paper and getting some time behind a 1911. I don't need to meet power factors or anything like that.

Think of this gun as my glorified .22, a $1000+ plinker!! As you guys get to know me you'll find I tend to over think things and some times spend money on some stuff for no reason!!!!

The stats on the gun.........

Started off as a Colt 1991A1

Ed Brown hammer and sear, Kings trigger tuned to 1.25lbs via a #19 Ed Brown main spring with 2 coils cut off in an S&A mag well. Ed Brown Ambi's. Top end is a factory Colt 9mm barrel and slide with Ed Brown firing pin, tuned extractor and firing pin stop. barrel has been fitted to the slide and I forget what barrel bushing I went with but i remember I had a hard time getting it as the barrel is not the bull barrel 9mm.

Carbon fiber scope mount with red dot in it.

I started building the gun up 2 years ago but divorce got in the way of my free time and shooting. Now that life is normal again, I'm back into shooting!!

I'll post pick if you guys want.

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Work up to 3.7gr Clays (or so) with those 122's, you'll love it. Might need a smidge more to make minor, but that doesn't seem to be an issue for you. I prefer the 147's myself but this makes an excellent plinking load.

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I find it best to load up 10 or so rounds at 0.2 gr increments begining at the reccomended starting loads and then shoot for group off of sandbags over the chrongraph.

The target will tell you which load you will want to stick with.

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