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Junker Gunbroker Tac Sport to outstanding limited gun!

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This is the gun as it sat in the Gun broker ad. The serial numbers on the barrel, slide, and frame didn't match. The finish is ruff. The overall gun just look rode hard and put up wet. I thought it couldn't be that bad right? So I fought a few of you guys and ended up winning the gun. Picked it up at Shooters Connection and first glance I thought man, I over paid. Then I tried the trigger. WOW! Its was not stupid light but it was/is crisp like that whole glass rod breaking thing. It actually is up there with some of my 1911s!

Ok so I took it home and broke it down and did some grinding on it. Ground down the thumb safety to a usable level. Cut the magrelease back by 50%. Installed a set of VZ grips I had and a CZC magwell. This is what we have when I got done.


Next was time to take it to the range for the first time. At 25 yards off hand I placed the top of the front sight level with the top of the A zone box. Expecting to put them in the upper A zone right behind the front sight. Per usual CZ's hit high. The other thing I noticed was other than the one shank I had, check out that group! This gun has plenty of life left after all!


So since it had a fixed rear in it I knew I needed a adjustable rear to get it where I wanted. Only problem was the CZC rear I had has a very narrow and shallow notch that I just don't like. I did happen to purchase a older LPA rear and the notch is much wider.


So back to the range today. Off hand at 25 yards. 2 called yanks!


While shooting today I did notice that my thumb safety would activate now and again. So I did the 1911 spring mod. Thats taking a 1911 plunger spring and using it as the TS safety detent spring. Might still have to remove a touch of metal on the sear leg but for now its good.

Now to pretty it up, round the sharp corners and cerakote it and it will be ready to race!

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I'm looking at the VZ grips. Does the TS take the 75 regular or short grips? I'm betting short but figure I'll ask before buying. Love the accuracy. My TS just keeps on running and running!

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