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Trijicon Accupoint Mount for AR15 - How?


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The more I read, the more I like the the TR21 as an optic for my AR15. What mount setup are you guys using for the accupoint on the AR15? With the eye relief that this scope has, it looks like the ARMS #38 S-EX is the only option.

What other options are there? I have read about the YHM but it seems like it has problems.

I have searched, and there is a lot of discussion of the accupoint but limited discussion of mount set ups.

Thanks in advance.

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i just took delivery of a TA-21. i mounted it on my flatop, and although i have yet to go to the range, i have ton's of eye relief. guess it depends on how long yer neck is, length of stock, etc, but on my AR, i didn't even have to have this puppy mounted all the way forward.

looking forward to zeroing this puppy this weekend.

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