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procincial record


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i finally have broken 2 records and sharing 2 records... :)

i really dont know how you exactly "share" records because one has to break the record... and one has to have the same score... later

but anyways...

im the sharer..

so i shouldnt be complaining :)

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i broke it cause im better....

lol how am i supposed to give you details?

i shot

384/400, 568/600

ones a master score (barely hehe)

and the other is just under master...

our team is developing into a better team, so our scores are getting higher espeically the sub junior (sub-junior- it is only regonized in Canada i think, anyways its 16 and under) is already a master score (set by me) for 400 score and almost master in 600 (both set by me)

and im only 14, so i have awhile to go... to get the stupid thing higher.... but there are other younger shooters, but so far i'm top of my province

oh yeah... i spell provincal wrong (sorry... typo)

my bad :mellow:

i just noticed that

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Way to go Weebles !!! B)B)B)

Keep it up we are rooting for you as a member of BE.com you are now "special" ;)

You may not follow the IPSC/USPSA thing but BE.comers are generally the ones to beat at any match you go to.

Now you are included in that categorie !!!! :):):)


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