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Ice fishing


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T.V. sucks so bad these days, I watched a whole hour on the Travel channel last night about ice fishing. I had to laugh, because if we could do it down south I'd bet a lot of us would.

It was so hilarious. Those guys up there take a 3/4 ton truck and pull their hut around to find better fishing. Some of them go all out with permanant winter ice fishing cabins, complete with stoves and satellite T.V.. And plenty of drink'n too.

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I live in Mi, and we usually have pleanty of ice. I have found it is very similar to bowling. A bunch of guys getting together and drinking beer, with not alot brought home! :lol:

It is an enjoyable sport, if you don't own a boat. :D

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Beer is only okay on the ice IMO. Cinammon schnapps (Hot Damn, Fire Water, etc.), Wild Turkey or Yukon Jack is a completely different matter altogether. I'm feeling toasty already!!!

Ice fishing is one of those things where you either like it, or don't. I like it. Pulling dinner plate sized crappies out of the ice is big fun. Lake perch out of 40 ft of water is even better. 4-5 lb Northern Pike (aka River Wolf) or Walleye on 2 lb test and jig pole is even better!

Ice shanties (Ice houses, huts, shelters, etc) are okay, but aren't really necessary. It is nice, however, when you have one that has a wood burning stove. The first thing is that you can come in every now and then and take the chill off (if the hootch hasn't done it already). The better thing is that you can put a cast iron skillet on top of said stove and drop in some polish sausage for a great sandwich!!! :wub:

My dad and I made some really cool seats out of 1x12's. Think of a box, lined with 14" flashing, and a Coleman stove in the middle, with an opening on one of the sides on the top 1/3. You light the stove, on low, and have a seat. The warm air rises to your hands, then to your face and your tail certainly gets warm too.

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We go once a year with a group of 30-40 guys. Each house will sleep 8 but we just put 4-5 in each (looks like a little city) so we have plenty of room. They have a loft above, bunks/seats below and are heated with propane. They have a portojohn attached to the back of each house. From there its nonstop poker and chilli cookoff.

When you get tired of one house you move along to the next. You can hang out on the inside with jeans and a tee shirt and then do the mad dash (-20F keeps you moving) off to the next group. Every once in a while someone will break out a fishing pole. Mostly crappie and northerns but a 5-10 lb northern coming through an 8" hole is pretty cool.


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I like a couple of the versions above but my favorite is watching the "tip-ups" from fireside in the lakeside cabin with your beverage of choice and a game on the TV.

When the tip-ups fly (indicating a bite) the race is on for the quad-runners and then race to the holes to snag the fish.

Yah dat's icefishin' in Michigan, aye?


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