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what does everyone shoot

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not all but they did a pretty bad job for Canada...

anyways, a lot of people complained...

but they aren't budging...

they hate to be wrong :rolleyes:

you have to register... and you have to have possession and acusation lisence...

my gun is technically owned by my parents... since i am only 14 B)

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What does everyone shoot (as meant type of discipline) do you shooting?

Hi Weebles and welcome to the board. I currently shoot Skeet, Trap, Sporting Clays and USPSA type matches on a regular basis. I just got my first AR-15 so Highpower rifle may be in the future.

I am currently classified in all five divisions of USPSA and predominantly use the following;

Open - Caspian .38 Super.

Limited - Glock G-21.

Limited - 10 Caspian Single Stack .45 ACP

Production - Glock G-17

Revolver - Smith & Wesson Model 65-2 .357 Mag

Scan the boards, especially the beginer's area and try some searches. You will find tons of information.

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Welcome Weebles, you've found your new home.

I shoot USPSA, IDPA, and some ICORE.

Limited-Glock G35

Limited 10 - Springfield 1911 45

Production - G35

In IDPA I have been shooting the G35 in SS, but JT says my gamer gun will be done Saturday. It's a Springfield 9mm 1911 for ES.

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Hi Weebles,

Good to see some more youth shooting even if you are stuck up there.

I currently shoot:


Small bore silhouettes, sporter rifle and pistol, cowboy

Small bore Prone

Hi-Power Service rifle (M1A .308)


Revolver (S&W 625)

limited (Para P16-40 ltd_

L-10 (Kimber Eclipse .45 single stack)

Production (Glock 17)

3 gun, pistol, para oradnace Shotgun Remington 11-87, rifle M1a Scout squad .308 by springfield


Revolver (S&W 610, 646 or Ruger GP 100 depending on which one I feel like shooting)

ESP: BROWNING hi-power

CDP: Same Kimber as L-10

SSP: Same Glock as Production

Anybody got some spare time for me to do something else?

Any way Welcome Weebles, Lots of good INFO on here....

Sam Keen

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thanks everyone...

yes i guess i am youth :P

pretty young even in canada :P

well in competition that is...

anyways, yes i have noticed, most are similar.

well mental technique and physical training

but i do have a question..

what is browning?

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Hi Weebles!

In addition to shooting IPSC/USPSA Open and Limited, I also shoot:

1. Bullseye (sporadically)

2. ISSF 10m Air Pistol (Steyr LP-1P)

3. ISSF Standard Pistol (Pardini SP)

4. ISSF Rapid Fire Pistol (Pardini SP)

5. ISSF Free Pistol (sporadically, when I have access to a Toz-35)

BTW, a great forum for ISSF pistol and rifle shooting events is: www.targettalk.org It's run by Pilkington Equipment (www.pilkguns.com) .

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Browning is the Manufacturer of the gun, It was designed by John Browning, the Man who designed the 1911(Colt .45), and a whole bunch of other guns, the HI-Power was basically a remodel of the 1911 but they are quite different too.

Good Luck with the 10M air, I shoot some air during the winter months to keep the mechanics up for NRA silhouettes, and service rifle.


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