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Recoil Master and Accu-lok Reverse Plug


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I have a recoil master in my gun, but I had to give up my cool looking "ACCU-LOK" reverse plug.

I have assembled and hand cycled the gun with the RM and accu-lok. They seem fine but rough.

I have access to a full machine / sheet metal shop down here. If I spec out the inside of the accu lok to allow the same engagment and slide travel as the ugly factory part, is there any other reason this won't work?

Thanks for the help, I just LOVE the look of the accu-lok and bull barrel, and really think guns without it look unfinished.

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they are purely cosmetic, but they do finish off a gun nicely. People are always giving me a hard time about wanting nice looking details, but when I am going to spend $2500+ on a pistol, it better have the good looks as well as the performance.

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