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2005 Area 6 Championship

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Interim Match Results as of May 14th, 1800 hrs

Click here for Match Book


At the Range

* Friday May 13th from 7:30 am to 8:15 am (Friday Shooters ONLY!)

* Friday May 13th from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm Saturday AM & PM Shooters

* Saturday May 14th from 7:00 am to 7:30 am for Saturday AM Shooters

* Saturday May 14th from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm for Saturday PM Shooters

Please attend one of the shooters meetings that will be held Friday May 13th at 8:15 am or Saturday, May 14th at 7:30 am (AM Shooters) or 12:30 pm (PM Shooters) at the Pavilion.

Shooting Starts:

* Friday at 8:30 am

* Saturday at 8:00 am (AM Shooters)

* Saturday at 1:15 pm (PM Shooters)

* Sunday at 8:00 am

Match Format

The match will be a Tournament level match. Scores will be posted on the Match Web Site (www.uspsa-area6.org) at the end of each day. Final match results will be posted on the Match web page, as well as on the USPSA web site (www.uspsa.org).


The amount of each award and the number of awards per class will be solely contingent on the overall number of paying shooters and the number of paying shooters per class.

A competitor may receive all trophies, which he or she merits, however a competitor is entitled to only one (1) money award. For instance, if a competitor places first A Limited and High Senior champion, he would receive the higher of the two cash prizes, but not both. The cash not awarded because of multiple winners will be returned to the pool for all prizes in that division.

The total amount of cash awards for each division will be based upon the number of competitors in that division. It is likely that a class winner in one division may receive more than the same class winner for another division.

All class and category winners, as well as division winners, will receive a plaque, in addition to the money award. All awards of money will be made in the 5 Divisions (Open, Limited, L10, Production and Revolver) as listed in the match booklet.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding registration or squadding, please contact Bill Noyes:

Bill Noyes (TY6512)

2005 Area 6 Chief Stats Officer

E-mail: bill.noyes@uspsa.org

If you have any questions regarding the match, hotels or sponsor information, please contact Cindy Noyes:

Cindy Noyes (TY8913)

2005 Area 6 Match Director

Voice: 770-460-7436

E-mail: cgnoyes@bellsouth.net

Ammo and other Special Requirements

See Match Booklet for specifics. The round count for the match will be between 250-300 rounds.

Match Host Hotel

We are currently in the process of securing a Match Host Hotel. South River Gun Club is in between two towns and about the same distance from each. McDonough Georgia is off of I-75 South from Atlanta and Conyers Georgia is off of I-20 East from Atlanta. Either town has good lodging and restaurants. More details as we get them…

2005 Area 6 ROs & Staff

The 2005 Area 6 Championship Match needs the help of volunteers who will donate their time, skills and effort to make the match fair, safe and fun for the shooters.

Wanted: Friday ROs or CROs

We would like to offer an opportunity to any RO or CRO who would be willing to work Friday, then shoot the match on Saturday and Sunday with a squad. Friday only staff will pay only $75 for the entry fee for the match. Staff shooters are eligible for all the prizes and awards available to any other competitor.

Any staff working Friday only will get a free meal at the range on Friday and will receive reimbursement for ½ night’s room expense (based on the rate at the host hotel) if you live more than 60 miles from the range. If you are interested in helping, check the appropriate blank on the application to indicate you want to be a Friday RO.

Friday RO’s and staff need to report to the range by 7:30am on Friday, May 13th.

Wanted: Saturday/Sunday Staff

Staff members who work Saturday and Sunday will shoot for free on Friday. Staff shooters are eligible for all the prizes and awards available to any other competitor. Saturday/Sunday staff living more than 60 miles from the range will be reimbursed for ½ their room (based on the rate at the host hotel) while serving at the match and will receive a free match Polo shirt.

Staff will eat and drink free at the range. We will feed you lunch each day. Water and soft drinks will be available to you in the staff trailer during the match.

If you are interested in helping, check the appropriate blank on the application to indicate you want to work as an RO or CRO. Do not send in any fees with your application, but be sure to indicate your shirt size.

Saturday/Sunday RO’s and staff need to report to the range by 7:00am on Saturday, May 14th and Sunday, May 15th.

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I'll shoot this one all day Friday together with my sons and brother. Guess who else I'm squadded with...


Man, I miss the Big Purple here... :(

Looking forward to a lot of fun and meeting some BE'ers!

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I thought John could RO the shoot off while I shot it, at least one time before I got put out. OH thats right, John just wants me to RO so I wont be able to shoot against him. Or was that the other way around? We my never know.


Still Praying for that A

Now I'm praying for that steal

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Looking forward to it !!!!! Couldn't think of anything better than shooting with BE.com members (and PURPLE former members)

Sure do miss his Wit and Humor !!!!!

See you there, and the rest of the crew..... looks to me like a family affair !!!!


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Hey all, just found out I'll be working on stage 7, stop by and say hello and if you feel the need you can shoot the stage. Can't wait to meet more BE'rs. By the way the RO really loves Brownies :D Take care Jamie

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Jamie It's not a pay off, that's another deal $$$$ I'm just trying to get some suport for one. For some reason or an other I don't think SRGC cares to much for them. I've had more fun shooting and getting beat on the shoot off's than shooting the matches, and they are fun to watch after I get beat.

Ronnie A-44415

PS. I guess this means I owe you some brownies.

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So it's not enough that we named a stage after Ronnie in this match, huh? Seriously, if I can figure out a way to administer it along with all the other stuff we have going on, I will try to have one - maybe $20 per shooter with one $5 re-buy (for the ones that just can't believe someone could beat them...). Sign up at Registration? Let me know what works - some of you that have done this or participated in one.

On another note, if you are registered for the match, I have a couple of changes to squadding times to accomodate more people on Friday and Saturday Afternoon squads. Friday we will start at 8am and the Saturday Afternoon squads start at 1:50pm. (The match is still full!!) Shooter's meeting times will also be changed for those sessions. We will have Shooter's Barbeques Friday and Saturday evening. Details will be posted at 'www.uspsa-area6.org' in the next couple of days and we will also send emails to those of you that gave us your email address.

The match book will be posted along with the stages as soon as we get it finished. :D

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