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E-Bay (for a change)


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I've been checking out e-bay for a few months to see if I could score a .38 Super conversion kit for my SDB. For the amount of Super that I load, I hadn't been able to justify a conversion kit for almost $100 including the toolhead.

I'm also going to be playing in Limited this year as soon as I sell my AR and buy a Para, so I knew I'd also need a conversion for the .40 S&W soon.

Damned if I didn't see both conversion kits on e-bay, and the tool heads were included. The .38 Super conversion also comes with a shell plate for .38 Supercomp (which I do load as well).

Ended up getting both conversion kits (189.80 from Dillon) for $86. I was sweating out the last few minutes, but I guess everyone is out of cash this time of year.

My other reloading option for these calibers was to use my Lyman turret press (no way), my Lee auto-index turret press (good, but ungodly slow compared to the SDB + I have to prime with a hand tool), or use my Pro 1000 (would still need to prime by hand or be frustrated every few minutes). The Pro 1000 and all of the constant screwing around to make it work would probably have been my option.

The only negative for the SDB is I can't use a FCD with it. What I end up doing is loading the finished ammo in the Pro 1000 case feeder and run it through the FCD that way. Not a perfect solution, but it's still the fastest way to do it without buying a 550/650.

The .38 Super conversion ended up being $35 and the .40 was $51. For once I think I got a real deal.

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I've waited forever to find a .38 Super conversion there. Figured I'd get outbid if I did see one, but I was still looking. The .40 conversion is also perfect timing.

I was really dreading the thought of reloading .40s on that Pro1000. Loading .38 Super on that press was bad enough.

Now I need to check and see what I need to convert the press to small primers. I bought the machine used and set up for .45 auto. A call to Dillon will take care of that.

I thank you for not keeping these conversions in a drawer or some other forgotten place. I definitely needed them.


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Looks like the seller didn't have quite enough posts to post in the Classifieds here, though.

I had posted three items in the classified section recently and they all sold within hours. I quess when I marked them as sold and the posts were deleted my post count went down?

Anyway, I did not want it to seem as if I was just using the forum as a selling place. This is a great forum. I read everyday and have learned more then I could have imagined. I am new to this sport and don't have to much to contribute yet, but that will change :) .

Thank again Jerry and thanks to the forum community and host.

Happy New Year to all!

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Of course Dillon is sending me the parts to convert my press to small primers, as well as a new housing for the primer alarm that got severely cracked somehow.

Their No BS warranty is so good that I feel like I'm ripping them off everytime I use it.

No need to thank me Joe, I'm thrilled to have gotten the conversions.

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