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Bedell Custom Slide Racker


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Here are the pics from Dan as well as the text from his email. Enjoy... I know I did!!! :)







From Dan: "Racker dovetail is 60 degree x .360". I cut the center of dovetail .450" from breechface and .125" deep, then blend and contour the racker to the slide. The height of the dovetail on the unfinished racker is .190". After it is fit to the slide, drill a hole at a 45 degree angle with a #29 drill and tap it with an 8-36 tap or use whatever size hole and set screw you want. If you already have an existing dovetail, fit it accordingly."

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Cant do a Lefty without making a complete new mold and that is way too expensive. I have heard that some gunsmiths cut and weld it but I am not sure how they do it.

Just heard from the foundry that it wil be end of January before I get parts. UGH!

I will be offering them blank with no set screw and with a set screw. Do you guys want them with a set screw like Dan shows or like the old one with it on top?

Another way to mount these which is a Joey Hardy innovation, is to drill a hole into the slide at the bottom of the dovetail. Insert a spring and ball, then roll press it in(however they do it). Drill a detent in the bottom of the racker. This gives retention with an easy on and off feature. I think we are going to try this on our guns if Dan wants to and Joey doesnt object.

Phillip you know who to call when you need gun parts :D

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actually, for lefties the slide rackers that chuck is making can be heated and bent to work on the other side. its not a lot of fun but can be done. i have had a couple done in this manner and they are just as nice as for the right handers. good shooting, j.l. hardy

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