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CDNN Sports Question


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I see the savings but what are my chances of getting something I wouldnt like as far as wear and tear? I see they say Very Good to Excellent on some of them is this a good option for an inexpensive weapon? Has anyone recieved a trade in from them and what was your experience? Thanks in advance.

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If you are looking at at Sig trade-in that has gone through Sig then the grade is assigned by Sig and not by the dealer (in theory). I have seen and handled some re-condition Sig trade-ins that I could not believe were not new.

If you are looking at something else then just make sure you have the right to return it if not satisfied.

I have purchased some stuff from CDNN, mostly magazines and other misc stuff, and have been happy with the product. I got what they said I would get. I bought some "used" AR mags but If they were used then it was once and they were handled gingerly.

Good luck!

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Generally, I would have no hesitation on buying trade-in Glocks, Sigs, and S&W's as most of them have been inspected at the factory.

I did not do so well with CDNN's used magazines. I bought 15 used Orlites about 4 years ago and they weren't just used, they were total junk. CDNN *did* take them back and refund my money.

Caveat Emptor.

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Guest Larry Cazes

If it is the SIG P220 refurbs your asking about, I have read an article recently that raves about them. I believe it was in American Handgunner last month.

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