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Jager Striker on glock 34, in stock and when? UNable to get a response

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Been trying for weeks to get a response on the status of a replacement jager since I had one fail on me on during a match. Apparently emails are proving to be not succesful and firgured I'd get response here.

Anyone else having an issue on availability? If a vendor is back ordered due to demand, I get it, but a lil' communication can go long way though.

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Well... I emailed him on 06/03/14
Got a response back on 06/04/14 saying they were back in stock, sent a few other emails back and forth with a few questions, bill was pretty good at getting back to me so I placed an immediate order.
I was planning to try it out Saturday and on 06/05/14 I sent him an email to see if the order would make it by Saturday... No response.
Called on 06/06/14... No response.

:( I guess I won't be able to try it on Saturday.


Bill emailed back on 06/07/14, he was out of town. He has also shipped out my order on 06/07/14

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