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I currently have a HK USP Compact in .45 with express sights, and 4 8 round magazines. And a Glock 20 with a kkm barrel, dawson FO front and Bomar rear, extended slide release and 6 15 rd magazines. My HK is my carry gun and i was in the process of setting up the 20 for IDPA. Was wondering what everybody's take on which one of the two would be better for IDPA. Also if anyone knows where to find custom parts for the HK, they seem to be a bit hard to locate. Also if anyone knows where to find a good kydex holster for the HK, I'd appreciate that too. As I'm currently in Iraq, I'm in the planning phase, but am ready to jump into IDPA when I get back in April. Thanks in advance.

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The Glock 20 would clearly shoot faster than than the little flip master USP compact. If you want to win and shoot shoot your carry gun then just shoot both with the HK being the re-shoot. www.comp-tac.com makes good albiet a bit over priced holsters. www.brownells.com has a whole bunch of holsters for glocks.

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You can run it in CDP (and SSP - hammer down) with the 8 rd mags - if the full size 10 rd mags will work from the USP , use those for SSP.

Heinie makes a set of sights that will better serve in IDPA -everyone that I've seen use express sights has gone back to a post/notch set.



Heinie HK sights

I don't know if HK has a "custom shop" that performs trigger jobs and stuff..we rarely see an HK compete around here , fwiw.

Glock 20

May compete in SSP ( if it's mostly stock) or ESP with allowable mods.

In ESP you can have a steel guide rod and a magwell , the one from JP is popular and grip reduction.

(see the thread setting up a G21 in the glock forum).

Sights - your choice , but I have Heinies on the 22/23 and Dawson on the 35.

There are other options - how much do you want to spend????

Glock trigger jobs range from the do-it-yourself to full blown professional work ($200).

Holsters : Blade tech can take care of both , iirc.

Hope that helps , stay safe over there.


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