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Bianchi Cup questions


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I have a few questions. I shot last year, and am bringing a buddy for his first time. He is asking questions and I can't remember the answers and he found a rule book, but I think it is an older book.

he is shooting in the metallic division.

can he use a big magwell base "prone pad" to support the bottom of the gun when going prone.

in all divisions you can go prone on the plates and the practical after the 10 yard line. is this correct.

trigger weight is 2.5 for metallic and all safeties must work

trigger weight is 3.5 for production

thanks in advance for your help

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there are far more experienced folks in here that I... but here my understanding.

Metallic prone pad-Yes

Prone after 10 on plates and practical-yes

Metallic trigger weight is 2.0 -safeties must work.

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yeah I looked but must have missed the trigger weight and "prone pad" questions answered in the book.

I was pretty sure you could go prone, but my buddy said he read that you could only do that in open. I told him he must have read an old rule book

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