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Holdovers vs. bullet drop compensator


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Recently I have seen several makes of variable scopes (1-4x) with built in bullet drop compensators (Smidt and Bender, IOR).

What is your opinion of using holdovers vs. a bullet drop compensator for a 3-gun AR?

From http://www.recguns.com/Sources/XIIC7.html

Bullet Drop Compensator (BDC)-A BDC is usually an elevation changing dial or knob on the scope. These enable the shooter to aim dead on without having to raise or lower the weapon when estimating elevation. The shooter simply dials in the correct range and the BDC compensates for elevation. The shooter puts the cross hairs on target and fires.

I don't think IOR offers a 1-4x scope that has a BDC.

But if you refer to BDC as being the above definition... IMHO it's lame for 3G. :D

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