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Higher POI with Two Inch Barrel?


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I shoot revolvers in IDPA, and prefer S&W K frames. All of my four inch guns, both fixed and adjustable sights, shoot to the same POI. I recently acquired a two inch K frame square butt, identical to my others except for barrel length. I checked the POI from a rest to find out where it hit, and it was right on.

I shot it in a match a couple of weekends ago and I had several misses, and bad hits that were high - as in the head area. (They were -0, but they weren't where I aimed.) Even on close targets I had a few shots that crept upwards out of the -0.

Edited to add: I won't say I never drop shots, but it's REALLY unusual for me to drop one, and it's been a few years since I've dropped more than a couple.

Was I holding my mouth wrong? Is this just one stage of lumpy gravy? What's up with this?


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When I shoot my snubby, I have to slow down with the gun to get good hits. All it takes is a little more movement of the front sight and it moves the bbl. more than a longer bbl. My theory is that you probably shot the 2in. gun like the 4in. gun, and found out that it is more unforgiving than the longer barrel.... ;) Me too! :rolleyes: DougC

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One classic cause for high hits is looking over the gun to watch the target, at the instant the gun fires. The head raises, the front of the gun follows, and the shot goes high. You might try really bearing down on your followthrough. SEE the sights aligned at the instant the gun fires and you won't have to wonder where the bullet's going - it's going right where the sights were at the instant the gun fired.

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What Duane said, compounded by the short sight radius. At any amount of sight misalignment you can see on both the 4" and 2" guns, the 2" gun will be farther out of the group.

I once shot a "practical" indoor winter league (this would have been mid to late 1980s) with the shops counter gun, a 2" M-10. I really had to bear down and make sure the front sight was buried in the center ring, and the sights were aligned, to get my hits.

After that, going to a 6.5" M-25-s was like shooting a gun with a radar-assist. I couldn't miss.

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