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eBay tightens the reins a bit...

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Listing Policy Update – Firearms and Weapons

Date: 12/28/04 Time: 09:22:04 AM PST

In order to comply with the firearms and weapons policies on eBay websites worldwide, effective today, December 28th, Gun Parts, Gun Accessories, Paintballs equipment and accessories, Crossbows, Airsoft equipment and accessories, and Throwing Knives may only be sold on eBay.com by sellers who are located in United States. The item and its specified Item location on the listing must be the United States. Additionally, US sellers may only offer domestic shipping on these products.

Current listings that meet these conditions will be allowed to end as scheduled.

All new listings or any re-listed item must comply with this policy effective today.

All current Store listings must be in compliance by Wednesday January 5th.

For additional information, please refer to eBay’s Firearms Ammunition, Replicas, and Militaria Help page.



(Copied from their messages-to-members segment of the eBay Website.)

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They have tightened restrictions, probably just because they kept geting sued fby countries all over the world by things people put up for sale.

They deleted illegal content as fast as they can, when they get that many listings it's impossible to be 100%.

The latest one in India, that they removed, but evidently not fast enough, got thier chief honcho over there arrested.

With all the different states/countries laws regarding firearms and parts, can you really blame them?

GunBroker, etc.. is a better place for those.

Comic books... eBay! I've had good luck there... but like other threads talk about... people lose all sense of value vs price.. You'll probably get too much! :D

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I use eBay to generate revenue which, in turn, can:

--Pay the rent

--Pay the electric bill

--Pay the phone bill

--Pay for food

--Pay for clothes

--Pay for books/tapes/CDs

--Pay for car insurance

--Pay for computer stuff

--Pay for petrol

--Pay for primers

--Pay for bullet stock

--Pay for range fees

--Pay for, well, you know... just about ANYTHING that requires cash.

I by no means support myself solely on eBay sales, but I could if I wanted to. It works that well sometimes.

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