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What do you use your AR-10 for?


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I'd always wanted an AR-15, but never had a valid excuse to get one. Then I discovered 3-gun. Woo hoo!

Now that I've had this AR-15 for about a year, and been enjoying the heck out of it, I find myself wanting an AR-10.

I know it would buy me "major" PF, but I'm not sure that's a big deal. In my extremely limited experience it seems like the top guys are shooting .223's.

I suppose I could shoot "he man", but I don't have much interest in iron sights.

I'm thinking 24" barrel, not a little "tactical carbine", if that matters.

So the question is -- what do you use your AR-10 for?

Or better yet, what's a good reason to get one?

I'm having a hard time plunking down $2500 on a setup because "it might be fun".

I've also noticed it's ALWAYS windy on the 400yd range, so I was thinking something less affected by wind would be a good thing. But again, not sure what thats really worth.


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AR-10 is my fun gun (thank goodness for military exemptions on purchasing these bad boys when you live in CA).

If I make a major 3-gun match this year, I'll probably shoot He-Man or Open. If Open, I'm using the JP. If He-Man...I'm going with the 10. It's smooth and still pretty fast. Plus, it's just tough. Gotta love it.


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