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Vertical grip


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Thanks for the help. I am new to shooting 3-gun and was just wondering. I have shot mine with and without it but I seem to like it on when I shoot from prone. Not sure how much prone shooting we will do in 3-gun but it really helps me.

I am open for any suggestions.

Thanks again,


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I am open for any suggestions

Learn to shoot prone by mono podding on the magazine (30 rounders). I shoot open division and prefer a mono pod position over a bipod on occasion as it is just about as stable and very fast.

To mono pod an AR, jam the mag into the ground, pull the buttstock down with the shoulder pocket, pull the forend down with the weak hand and the downward pressure on front and back will lock everything up nice and stable for you.

Get a good sling too, I recommend the Viking Tactics one.



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Get the AR mag basepads from http://www.arredondoaccessories.com/A_3gun.cfm

Watch the downward pressure on the front end of your AR. Do some testing first to find out if it causes an impact change downrange.

I don't care for the foregrips unless there is so much crap on your front end that you can't get a hold of it - IE: IR laser/Flashlight/Secondary sights etc...

Good luck,


FYI Viking slings RULE

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