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Production Grips

Paul B

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I realize that the rules say no modifications to the grips, but I wonder if that would apply to removing the grips entirely and just using skateboard tape?

I know of some people who would love to shoot an LDA, but with shorter fingers it is hard to reach the trigger. I imagine the same would apply to glocks and XDs, but on a para it's easy to just remove the grips and shoot without them. This makes the grip sizr perfect for smaller hands.

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I'm almost certain removing the grips would fall under the "no external modifications" clause and is not kosher.

Gawd, I hate to keep on the "XD solves everyone's problems" mantra, but the XD has about the shortest reach of any double stack I've seen. I'll put the calipers on mine when I get home, but it seems much shorter than the Glock.

If someone can live with single stack magazines, there are other choices, such as the S&W 4506-ish series which have very thin side panels.

If nothing else works, hello Lim/Lim-10, which is generally a more competitive division on a local level anyway.

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for IPSC, that's not legal.

20.3 Aftermarket grips which match the profile of the OFM standard for the approved handgun and/or the application of grip tape is permitted, however, rubber sleeves are prohibited.

You cannot change the original profile of the grips.

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