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ADI AP50N / AS50N --- interesting... an alternative?


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I'm looking for powder, bad. Very low on N320, low on Titegroup, and today I found 2 lbs of International Clays by happenstance locally, scooped it up. Now on to research, but I see a lot of bad press on Enos.

Came across discussions on equivalent powders and found an Aussie recommending ADI powder and said AS50N is the same as AP50N, just bulkier. Said it here http://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?49822-hodgdon-international-clays-in-45-acp

I tried to verify with data and found this http://adi-limited.com/handloaders-guide/equivalents.asp. Ok lots of known powders on this list to compare to AP50N / AS50N.

Then I found Hodgdon's material safety data sheet published by IMR confirming International Clays is aka AS50N and names Thales, Australia, Wulala Ltd as the manufacturer. Right here:


ADI publishes their 40 S&W data using 170gr Taipan lead round nose out of a 4" barrel -- 3.8gr of AP50N chrono'd at 895 fps. Just so happens my 6" KKM -- 3.8gr of N320 interpolated by 200gr Bayou chrono'd around 900 fps.

ADI load data here: http://adi-limited.com/handloaders-guide/pistol.asp?Calibre=40+Smith+%26+Wesson

Am I nuts to ignore press and go with my research? I see people use WST in major too, so shotgun powder isn't new in pistols. Anyone else convinced after seeing what I dug up?


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Like you everything I see about this powder says stay away. I saw the same thing about e3, Clays at major and 310 yet people are using it every day and swear by it. It would be very interesting to me to see some positive data about this powder in relation to pistol ammunition. So far I think the warnings have kept everyone away. If you have tried any of it yet please let us know what you found.

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I didn't see International Clays listed (as a tested and approved powder) on Hogdgons reloading data website for either the .40 S&W or the 10mm. Perhaps I'm overly cautious, but if its not on the manufacturer's or U.S. distributor's website or loading manual or recommended by a respected member of this forum, I don't try it but like bowenbuilt wrote, it may work anyway.

Clays at major power factor does work with a moly or "hi-tech" coated 180 grain lead alloy bullet at 1.23" over all length (at least in my pistol), but the softest widely available primers (Federal) were flattening somewhat in my limited testing. With a stiffer copper alloy jacketed bullet providing more resistance when it hit the rifling, I assume it would be worse.

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