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Aimpoint ML2 mount choices


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Santa brought me a Aimpoint ML2 for Xmas today to mount on top of my A2 flattop. This will be the only optic on the rifle will likely only see duty in 3-gun. From what I've searched, here are the contenders:

- LaRue

- A.R.M.S. M68 with #22 spacer

- GG&G standard Aimpoint ring

Which one, and why? I haven't decided if I'll co-witness the sight or not (but if someone would like to convince me, I'm all ears).

The LaRue seems like a really tall mount, which worries me up close. The A.R.M.S. is a 2 piece mount if you want to co-witness, which concerns me with how solid it is.

TIA and Happy Holidays!

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The Larue, ARMS with full spacer, GGG cantilever, and Knights Armament cantilever all put it at the same height (which happens to be "lower 1/3rd" co-witness).

My best advice having used most of these is to get the Knights (KAC) cantiever if you want it another 2" forward, or use the Larue if straight-up mounting is fine.

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I used a aimpoint railgrabber W\Spacer on a SN4 for a couple of years and prefer this mount over the others.Ive taken it off and on without loss of zero ,which the other will also do but at extra cost.

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