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FN A1 or A2 SPR Opinions


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I must dare to be different! "Everyone" has a Remmy (or Accuracy International ;) ) of some type, but I am looking into purchasing a FN SPR series rifle. Availible with Detachable Box Magazine, 24" barrel, .308Win or .300 WSM, 1-12" twist barrel, McMillan Stock... Cost should be $1,300 to $1,400. On the other hand, the extra dough spent on this rifle would get some nice upgrades on the 700P...

Can be seen here:




Does anyone have first hand opinions on this rifle, (accuracy, fit, finish, etc...)?

Thanks in advance!

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I'd be VERY interested to hear an accuracy report on the A2:

Features a Pre-'64 Winchester®-type action with claw extractor and controlled round feed and a three-position safety. The FN A2 SPR has a 24" chrome-lined barrel, a McMillan A4 tactical fiberglass stock and your choice of a detachable box magazine or hinged floorplate (300 WSM only available with floorplate).
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