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Hell has frozen over!!!!!


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I was told this year that it would be a cold day in Hell before I made Master Class. Well it's snowing in the Rio Grande Valley. To find us look on a map of Texas and Find Brownsville then look 55 mile do west and thats where we are at!!!!! It has not snowed in 30 years and we have been told to expect at least 3" tonight. Do laugh this is the biggest thing since sliced bread!!! We have kid down here that have no idea what snow looks like, well now they do!!! We will have a white Christmas!!!!! All the kids on the block are running around making snow balls, yes it's snowing that much. Its awesome!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone from the place that never get below 40.

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Have not made Master yet but I think this is a sign!!! My goal this year is to move into master and I know with the help of Steve's book things are looking awesome!!! Tracy doing well and has been on a fast move up. Might see her move into B class very soon and might see A class by the end of the year! Everything is possible, it's snowed about 2 1/2" so far in Deep South Texas!!!!! 115 years since this kind of Snow!!! You tell me!!!! Hope to see you down here soon!!! Remember we have our big Steel match in March!

Good Night!!!!

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