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Power Factor of factory Hardball

Ted Murphy

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Does anyone have a general idea as to what the velocity is of a generic white box load (like federal 230 ball) in a 4" 625? I didn't have time to load any .45's but wanted to shoot my new gun so I (augh!) bought some factory today and was wondering how close to USPSA major it was.

I'm going to chrono some this weekend but I'm a bit curious now.



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The new Wolf ammo in gray steel cases seems to be somewhat reduced in power--barely making the 165 power factor out of my Springfield 5" (which is known to have a "slower" barrel than my other 1911s). I tried some of the Wolf stuff in my 5" 625 and it was going too slow to hit the 165 power factor, and left a lot of unburned powder on the hood of my Jeep (where the chrono was resting).

I've decided the Wolf ammo may be just the ticket for "lost brass" single-stack matches!


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