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Anti gun TV ads directed to children


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I saw here in Argentina a TV ad for a campaign called "your toy gun in exchange for another toy" ("tu arma de juguete por otro juguete" in spanish) sponsored by UNICEF, Carrefour, a local media network and other companies and corporations I don't remember. OH! AND MY GOVERNMENT'S DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION TOO. SO IT'S AN OFFICIAL PROPAGANDA.

The ad features children in line throwing toy guns (mostly "assault rifles" and "TEC 9s", painted black or camoed, surprise, surprise) into a garbage bin one by one, and then an adult gives them some other toy, like a yo-yo, or a checkers game set, that in turn makes the children smile happily. All while touchy, feely, feel-good, save-the-children music sounds in the background. As a matter of fact, the music bothered me as much as the concept, with its clear contrast of dark, heavy "this is bad" tunes play when the toy guns are shown and that stupid "YAY I made it" music plays when they throw them away.

I just hate hate HATE that bias that try to drill into minds of everyone (and now youngsters too) that guns are inherently bad; and also that the government has the NERVE to "invest" precious funds on this crap that could be put into a "cross the street safely" or "don't take candy from strangers" or "watch out for electrical stuff" or even a "see a gun... STOP, DON'T TOUCH, CALL AN ADULT" type of firearm campaign.

Now, I don't deny a game of checkers or chess, or soccer or hide and seek have their merits, they all contribute to a child's mental and social development. But so does playing with toy guns! What's wrong with playing cops and robbers? I think this tells them about "good people" and "bad people", not that it teaches them to hate and kill...

I know I grew up playing Rambo and Robocop and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I am neither a violent person, nor a killer... nor a giant martial artist turtle...

I believe its the parents responsability to teach and guide their offspring into a valuable member of society, and my tax money should be spent in campaigns designed to bring parents and their children into a closer, more open relationship based on trust rather THAN A STUPID ANTI GUN CAMPAIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARGH! I got it out of my system at least...

Well, if our host doesn't oppose, I'd like to bend the rules (perhaps "gaming" the rules, as it's now en vogue to say? :giggle:) and allow for a discussion or an exchange of opinions in the hate forum.

I am 20 years old, and have no children. But you, either as a parent, or as a rational human being, what do you think about letting children play with toy guns?

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I will second my hate for this type of propaganda, and I will participate in the toy gun discussion.

We were just talking about this today. I do not like toy guns, and I will teach my 2 year old muzzle discipline and safety with a real gun when the time comes, or a stick, or a training rifle or airsoft or airgun. I simply just don't ever want him to think it is ok to point a gun at anything he does not intend to destroy, therefore my hypocritical dryfire practice and the like will have to be in secret after he goes to bed. Parenting is the ultimate exercise in hypocracy.

With that said, I do support the choice of other parents to have the toy gun option, I just won't buy them for my son. I too played with all kinds of toy guns as a child. As I write this I realize that toy guns can be training aids, but should have the same respect as real ones. A friend of mine is teaching muzzle discipline with a plastic AR15 with a surefire on it, and that is great, but I prefer not to go that route.

My 2 year old likes guns, and so far will not touch them without permission. Permission is given and guns are shared to demistify them, and provide dialogue, another lost event between parents and children. I hope that by allowing him this exposure, and practicing safe storage, that guns will be just another tool in the house, like they are for me(LOL, I love guns). I think it is interesting that he passes the no touch test already, but when guns are shared as a interactive activity with dad, that he is seriously interested.

Screw all anitgun sentiment, especially if it is subsidized in any way by tax dollars. See also the salaries of some of your elected officials. Your governments decision is a sad one. I agree that safety is the parents responsibility.

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I may split this off into my own thread, but I hate when the damned doctors get involved. A buddy of mine took his 6yo son in for his pre-Kindergarten check up, and the Dr. starts with all the touchy feely "what would you?" and "do Mommy and Daddy...?" questions.

Most of them were stuff like drinking, yelling, drugs. Not really the Dr.'s area of expertise, but ok.....

Then he starts in with the "Does your Daddy have any guns?"

I $hit you not. My buddy hit the roof.

Get your PC BS agenda off my kid and quit trying to pass it off as public service or concern. :angry:

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When we filled out the initial forms for our pediatrician, one of the questions was are there firearms in your home? I felt like saying, "doc, there are 3 in this exam room, unless you have one too". I don't think it is any concern of theirs. They didn't ask if sharp knives were in the kitchen, chemicals under the sink, or safety plugs in the outlets, just about the guns.

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News story.

Destruyen con una topadora una montaña de juguetes bélicos

Los juguetes, entregados por chicos de todas las edades, fueron aplastados frente a la sede del Ministerio de Educación. El objetivo de la campaña es evitar la violencia entre los niños.

Más de 15.000 juguetes bélicos fueron aplastados y destruidos esta tarde por una topadora frente a la sede del Ministerio de Educación, Ciencia y Tecnología, en el marco de la primera etapa de la campaña “Cambiemos por la Paz”.

Los juguetes, todos entregados por chicos en sucursales de Carrefour de todo el país, se destruyeron con el objetivo de evitar la violencia entre los niños. El programa está auspiciado por Clarín y la Fundación Noble.

El plástico que quedó después de la destrucción será reciclado para la elaboración de platos para comedores escolares. El material restante se pondrá a disposición de artistas que quieran realizar esculturas por la paz. En tanto, el Instituto Nacional de Educación Técnica recolectará los componentes electrónicos o eléctricos y los destinará a la fabricación de otros juguetes.

En el acto estuvieron presentes el ministro Daniel Filmus, el representante de UNICEF en Argentina, Jorge Rivera Pizarro, y el titular del Instituto Internacional de Planeamiento de la Educación (IIPE) -dependiente de la UNESCO-, Juan Carlos Tedesco.

Let me translate that.

Mountain of war toys destroyed with a bulldozer.

The toys, delivered by children of every age, were crushed in front of the Ministerio de Educacion building. The objective of the campaign is to avoid violence among children.

More than 15.000 war toys were crushed and destroyed this afternoon by a bulldozer in front of the Ministerio de Educacion, Ciencia y Tecnologia building in the frame of the first stage of the "cambiemos por la Paz" (Let's change for peace) campaign.

The toys, all delivered by children on Carrefours all around the country, were destroyed with the objective of avoiding violence among children. The program is supported by Clarin (note: a news agency) and the Fundacion Noble.

The plastic that remained after the destuction will be recycled for the elaboration of dishes for school cafeterias. The remaining materials will be put to disposition to artists that want to make sculptures for peace. Meanwhile, the Instituto Nacional de Educacion Tecnica will colect the electronic and electrical components and will give them to toy companies for the fabrication of other toys.

In the act were present minister Daniel Filmus, the representative o UNICEF in Argentina, Jorge Rivera Pizarro, and a representative of the Instituto Internacional de Planeamiento de la Educacion (International Institue of Educational Planning) -dependant of the UNESCO-, Juan Carlos Tedesco.

My shorter translation: AGH.

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The enemy is at the gate. Indoctrination of the young is underway.

And WE collectively spend our time tearing down each others various shooting organizations with petty bullshit disagreements about what is the proper way to reload and how long a mag release button we can have.... :(

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