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Taurus' TV Spots


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I haven't seen the ads or if I have they were below my notice (commercials, you know). BUt I would wonder if they are saying shoot slow or just using a catchy jingle to remind people to be aware and not in a rush to take shortcut around safety.

Even the shooting sports (USPSA, IDPA, SASS, Steel Challenge) use that philosphy. We obey certain rules and steps that slow down off-the-clock processes so that we are safe. We just shoot all out.

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They're on OLN and the Outdoor Channel during American Shooter, Shooting USA, American Rifleman and Shooting Gallery.


Thank you, but I should have clarified I'm not from the US and I don't have this channels. My fault for not being clear enough.

Are these commercials available on the internet? Or even better would be to see an online version of these shows you mention.

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