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A SIG Pro ?


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A LEO friend of mine is testing one (9mm) out at the moment and I shot it a couple of times. Nice gun. Accurate and handles well though I pinched the skin of my pinky finger when inserting a new mag (it has a short grip and the grip extention on the mag). It does flip quite a bit (because of the high bore axis, I think). I'd never but one myself, but I wouldn't mind having one ;)

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I tested a couple DAO models for our Department back in 1999. DA trigger was long but not bad. The problem I saw with the 40 cal. (and every other plastic frame 40 cal except STI/SV) is the torque. Heavy slide, stout load, lightweight frame add up to torque twist.

I shot a P226DAO in 40 cal right alongside the SigPro. No such torque problem. I shoot a P226 9mm in SSP and Production and love it but I really didn't care for the DAO P226 in 40 cal. I did prefer the SigPro to the P226 in the DAO configuration, in spite of the torque.

It will work fine but there are generally better choices. But it boils down to how you like it. That is all that matters, not our opinions.

Good luck.

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