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Merry X-Mas Everyone


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I'm about to jump on a cargo flight to head home for x-mas. I love this season where the whole family (17 adults 6 children) assemble for two days of enjoying each others company (and a few gifts and good food ;) )

I just want to thank you all for a very enlightening year I hope you will have just as good time as I will. God Jul // Dalmas


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I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas as well. I have learned alot from you experienced guys in the past few months that I have broken into USPSA shooting. Thanks for all the information and tips.

I will be at work keeping the scum off the streets of Dallas so you all can enjoy your holidays. Be safe in your travels and keep an eye on the drunks on the roads. I dont want to read any more memorial post this year because some a$$hole ran one of you into a telephone pole or something similar.

I hope to meet more of you since I will be traveling to different matches around the country next year. I just landed the courtesy officer job at my apartment complex, so not paying rent loosens up some funds to persue my love of shooting.

Take care,

Sgt. D. Teel

Dallas County Sheriff's Dept.


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Merry Christmas, from West Tennessee !!! :)

May everyone find a new XL650 Santa purchased from our fine Host under their tree!!!! :lol::lol::lol:

Here We have 1 inch of sleet covered by about an inch of Snow, so all is white but roads are good.

And have a 2-Alpha New Year :P


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