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Frank Robbins has passed away.


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I just rec. this from Ross and it saddens me deeply. I knew and liked Frank and will miss seeing him at the matches.


With a very heavy heart I have to advise everyone that Frank Robbins A10692 passed away today in a car accident. He was a dedicated USPSA and IDPA shooter who had been competing for 20 years or so. I spent many hours on the road and shared many good times with Frank, I'll be missing him as will everyone who has ever known him. He's been away from the range lately because he found a lot of joy being with his new family and spending time with the children.


Frank has been a tech rep at Wilson Combat many years and probably if you called Wilsons you talked to Frank. He was the most patient man I've ever known and would take his time to help in any way needed.


Frank was proud of his VietNam service where he served with distinction in the Special Forces, LRP. He was wounded in action at least a couple of times and was admired by those soldiers who served with him. Frank had so many stories that some would have trouble believing, after you got to know Frank you realized he was the real deal. While I was working with the Drug Task Force I got Frank to go undercover and help take down a operation run by a biker gang. Some of the guys I worked with weren't too sure about bringing in someone from outside the unit, but it didn't take long for Frank to prove his courage and ability. We were successful and Frank was a big part of it.


After my accident I was in the burn unit for 50 days, Frank and Dru visited me nearly every day. Frank would crack jokes and talk about the amount he could blackmail me because I was helpless and he was feeding me. That and the conversations we had while I was riding the morphine cloud. I wish I could have expressed to him how much he helped me get thru my ordeal, but he just didn't want to hear it, just said I would do the same. I pray that I would be as good a man


I can still remember the first time I saw Frank. It was at an early IPSC match in MO. There was this guy with two big crutches tied to his arms, standing and shooting then holstering and hopping on the crutches to the next position. I thought this is a guy who really wants to shoot. Frank had survived a serious motorcylcle accident and was full of bolts and wires, could barely hold a gun, but he was competing crutches and all. As time went on Frank became a force at any match he went to.


I could write a book but this is not the place. God speed Frank Robbins I'll never forget you.


There is never a good time for this to happen but for me it is especially painful. On Nov 15 I lost my brother at the age of 42. He was not a shooter, he was a musician, we were very different but very close. Bro I know you're jamming on your Les Paul with the Angels and finally escaped the pain.


I will post information on the services when I recieve it.

Ross Carter

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I've known and shot with Frank for almost 15 years. He was good guy and always had a story-usually humorous. He has been battling medical ailments for years he attributed to Agent Orange in 'Nam. Still kept coming to matches and giving it his best when he could. I'll miss him but I know God holds a special place for Operators.

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I am very sad to hear about this. I knew Frank from my shooting the World Shootoff/American Handgunner in 99, 00, 01 and 02. Even though I only got to see him once a year, we got together and had great time, like we lived in the same town all the time. I will always remember our "Stake Shoot Team" being champs three years in a row.

Good shootin' Frank.

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