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Trying to load with what I have.......

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New loader here......

I have some 700x and some hornady 147g xtp's. I looked at the hodgon's load data website and found this for my exact bullet: (for 4" barrel. I'm using a glock 34 though)

27,300 PSI
32,000 PSI

problem is with 2.6gn that is only a 112PF and at the max of 2.9gn its only a 123PF..........even at max not enough to make minor!

Not only that I've read on here that 700x doesn't meter well......Since I'm a new loader should I just try to find a different powder?

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The Lyman 48th Ed. post loads for the Speer 147 gr TMJ @ oal 1.115"

2.8 gr 700X = 766 start

3.6 gr 700X = 949 max

I settled on loads between 3.1 gr & 3.3 gr 700X w/ 147 Precision Delta JTC, which was a comfortable and accurate load in several Glocks. A 1911 may need to be a little warmer. The chrono data is 3.1 gr = 850 fps; 3.2 gr = 878 fps and 3.3 gr = 890 in a G17. Hope that helps. I'd disregard the trash talk about the metering. Test the load in your pistol and see if it meets your needs. Good luck.

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Thanks.....I did try the 700x out today and horrible time getting consistent metering. I had to check ever load on the scale.

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