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Belt for over cold weather clothing/coat.


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What's recommended for a belt to attach holsters and pouches to during winter shoots?

Range I go to is going to have some 3-Gun during Dec. - March. It's in Ohio, and the weather will require bundling up against cold and probally snow.

I was thinking of a GI LBE waist belt or a larger waist size heavy-duty leather work belt to go over a longer-than-waistline coat. Also leaning towards a belt only set-up for easier on/off between shooting.

Would be attaching a rifle mag pouch, handgun holster and dual mag carrier, and carrier/pouch for shotgun.

Couple of matches I've been in, I've used a chest harness for rifle and shotgun and had the handgun gear secured at the waist.

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My solution has always been to wear a long-sleeved shirt under a t-shirt and lose the coat during my stage runs. This allows you to use your regular gear. It gets a might bit cold, but you probably won't die from 2 minutes worth of being coatless. ;) HTH.

Ditto. I did that yesterday and I was warm enough except the fingers began to get a little cold when pasting targets. I also discovered my limited gun does not like Slide Glide at 15 degrees in a twenty mile an hour wind. You would be amazed at how slowly a slide can move! :D

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One fellow at our club wears his outer belt over his winter coat when it's cold.

I always use the same gear. If it's just chilly, I remove my jacket when I shoot. If it's too cold for that, I use the match as an opportunity to practice drawing from real life concealment.

Curiously, none of the nearby IDPA clubs shoot in the winter. I wonder how many of them have ever practiced drawing from under their normal winter coat, etc. It's not like wearing the cool kids 511 vest!

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My solution has always been to wear a long-sleeved shirt under a t-shirt and lose the coat during my stage runs.

I might do like you guys and give the shirt/sweater/sweatshirt outfit a whirl when it's my turn to shoot.

Sort of had it in my mind for some reason to be bundled up like the Michilen Man while standing around, scoring and shooting.

Maybe I'll keep the vest and adjust the straps out to fit over coveralls, etc.

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Me (centre of the pic, between forum members Julien Boit and Jerome Poiret) in my winter match suit:


I wear a long sleeve cotton shirt, a tight pile/microfiber long sleeve sweater (the green one), and the club T-Shirt over it while shooting.

While hangin' around between COFs I wear a winter coat over that.

And, yes, it was snowing there... <_<

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Here in Minnesota, we keep it simple.

Long johns under our long pants.

Two undershirts and a heavy outer shirt.

1 Take off your jacket and gloves just before shooting so your fingers don't freeze up before the end of the stage.

2. Put your jacket back on before signing score sheet.

3. Put gloves back on.

An easy 3 step method to keep those 20 below windchills from spoiling the match.


4 Make sure the pasters stuck cause they don't stick as good in the sub zero's


Don't don't miss the "Freeze your gizzard blizzard" match!!

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