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Alabama State Match

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  • 3 weeks later...

NOT slighting the NEW Double Tap ranch at all!!!!!

Sure would rather drive 2 hrs to Birmingham than 14 to Whichita Falls in March..... <_<

WOOGIE you out there? maybe you can find something out? :)

Looking to shoot some Major in March. :ph34r:


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Thanks for the info John. :)

For the folks in Alabama, that is too bad.

The Alabama Match was a good match well liked and always plenty of shooting, I understand where John is coming from as well as anyone else who has had much to do with an organized event.

Hope things get better over there and some help steps up to the plate and take their turn to bat, With IDPA going through their rule changes and more interest in the shooting sports due to a couple of good shows on TV ( Shooting Gallery, USA Shooting) we have a chance to increase the participation in USPSA and Clubs going down like theirs is not good at all.

Good Luck F.O.P Range and Dixie Shooters.


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here's the dates & stuff:

Alabama Section IPSC Limited Championship Match

The 2005 Alabama Section Match will take place on Saturday March 19. It will be a one day event with RO's shooting with the squads. The match will be a Limited Division only match. You can shoot Open, Production, Limited 10 or Revolver, but only Limited will be recognised for prize distribution. See the 2005 Alabama Section Limited Championship page for more info

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