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start position DQ?


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While reading the rule book regarding the other starting position thread I came upon another question.

If LAMR is the start of a COF and the start position takes place after LAMR, then the start position is part of the course of fire. Right??

If that's the case then:

10.5.3 ...Note that a competitor who, for any reason during a course of fire, safely and intentionally places the firearm on the ground or other stable object will not be disqualified provided: The competitor remains within 1 meter (3.28 feet) of the handgun at all times, and


Doesn't that mean that a start position separating you from your gun by more than 1 meter is an illegal start postion? I'm unable to find a rule or statement exempting the start position from these rules.

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Hi guys,

As a follow-up, I'm pleased to report that the following was approved by the Rules Commitree, and it will be published as a rule interpretation in the very near future: The competitor remains within 1 meter (3.28 feet) of the handgun at all times (except where the handgun is placed at a greater distance, under the supervision of a Range Official, in order to comply with a start position), and

However the above only provides a specific exemption for the distance - the "firmly and securely" aspects of Rule, and all other rules in the section, continue to apply.

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