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SCAM ALERT: Fake Shooting Organisations

Vince Pinto

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Hi folks,

Over the past few months, IPSC has become aware of what appear to be attempted scams involving fake shooting organisations, which attempt to register for matches being held in Regions affiliated to IPSC. To date, such enquiries have been received from "The Mongolian Shooting Association" and "The Shooting Federation Nigeria".

For the time being, we are not 100% certain how such scams operate, however we suspect that invitations from legitimate shooting organisations, such as those affiliated to IPSC, will enable the scammers to obtain tourist visas under false pretences from the Government of the Region hosting the match.

Only members of Regions affiliated to IPSC are entitled to participate in IPSC matches, and a list of Regions affiliated to IPSC can be found on the Regions page of the IPSC website. Whenever requests for invitations are received from unknown sources, match organisers are urged to check the IPSC website to verify that the applicant Region is actually affiliated to IPSC, and that the address and other communication details are the same as those listed.

Should you receive such a request for an invitation, and are unsure about it's legitimacy, please send a copy of the request to info@ipsc.org.

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